Oasis Blush Ready Made Mural

SKU: WM347-04RM
Oasis Blush Ready Made Mural
Oasis Blush Ready Made Mural
Oasis Blush Ready Made Mural

Oasis Blush Ready Made Mural

SKU: WM347-04RM
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Complete your dream scheme with our complimentary paint and designs.
Fading daylight brings a magical calm across the edge of the rainforest, as the palette moves from lush botanical to calming pastels and emergent tree canopies disappear into the dusk. Find your happy place in every beautiful brushstroke of our scenic and landscape hand painted Oasis wall mural. Move beyond the rational boundaries of your walls and open yourself to the dreamy surreal and tropical trees and leaves scape that is Oasis.

Beautiful soft matte finish

Width 312cm x Height 240cm

Quick and easy 'Paste The Wall' application method

Easy to remove, simply peels off in one strip (no scraper or steamer required)

Easy installation with numbered panels starting with panel 1 hang left to right.

Pattern Repeat Straight.

Non-repeatable Mural

002 Magnolia
003 Pink Cloud
004 First Light
006 Peat

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