Wonderland Ready Made Mural

SKU: WM-321-01RM
Wonderland Ready Made Mural
Wonderland Ready Made Mural
Wonderland Ready Made Mural
Wonderland Ready Made Mural

Wonderland Ready Made Mural

SKU: WM-321-01RM
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Nina Marika Tarnowski, textile designer and the creative force behind Woodchip & Magnolia, finds inspiration everywhere.

Her beloved Lancashire moors, the flower fields she loves to frequent, not forgetting her children and their distinctive personalities.

Her latest creation for Woodchip & Magnolia is a glorious handpainted wall mural of deep green and translucent blues depicting the most tropical of rainforests.

Her inspiration? Her son Oscar’s favourite bedtime story.

Nina said: “Every night before bed, Oscar and I would create a make-believe bedtime story," It was a tradition started by her Grandfather George: "I still remember his vibrant stories about a boy named Nickarooroo and his adventures in the amazon rain forest."

The tradition passed onto the next generation. Oscar's favourite was always his adventures in the rainforest, where he lived in Tree Top House, swung to school on vines and his headteacher was a 102-year-old orangutan.

“As Oscar got older the story would change and develop but one thing remained constant, the vibrant rainforest in which his adventures took place. It’s something that has always made me smile and I found myself wanting to bring it to life on a wallcovering.”

The handpainted design is available as a custom-fit wall mural depicting the luscious rainforest with the creatures who inhabit both this world and Oscar’s beloved bedtime story.

Beautiful soft matte finish

Width 312cm x Height 240cm

Quick and easy 'Paste The Wall' application method

Easy to remove, simply peels off in one strip (no scraper or steamer required)

Easy installation with numbered panels starting with panel 1 hang left to right.

Pattern Repeat Straight.

Non-repeatable Mural

001 Cotton

011 Mallard

010 Moss

012 Reservoir

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